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    Binzhou Yurun Fittings Co., Ltd , founded in 2000, is located in East Economic Development Zone, BinZhou City, Shandong Province, China. We are the professional factory in manufacturing salt core for inner cooling gallery piston and other machine with special figures. 
    Our factory has developed an advance and complete progresses in producing the salt cores, according to our deeply research and the production technology. We can produce all kinds of salt cores according to customer’s drawings. We also built and perfected a strict quality assurance system. 
    The salt core is made by middle-temperature sintering, with high quality mine salt (high sodium chloride content) and inorganic binder(high temperature durable ) with the right amount of cosolvent. Pressing salt into the figure, middle-temperature sintering , then with fine processing. Our salt core has advantages in uniform dense, exact size and suitable settings in the piston models. The salt core is easy to flush and solve, without any solid particles. the salt core is washed with water to dissolve to form a smooth gallery. 
    The soluble salt core method is the most advanced one for forming inner cooling gallery in the world today. The process of producing inner cooling gallery piston with salt core technology uses soluble salt cores by special processing, that is, the mould salt cores with special shape, sufficient strength and smooth surface. 
    Our company built a series of advanced physical and chemical checkout test set, with many years’ of test experience to control and test products, and thus ensures product high quality. Depending on good quality, our products are well received by domestic and foreign customers. 
    Zhang , our President and General Manager, together with the staff, sincerely welcome all domestic and foreign friends to visit our company for common development.

    公司名称: 滨州市雨润新材料有限公司 
    公司地址: 山东省滨州市滨城区新立河路长江二路向南150米路西厂房101室
    邮政编码: 256600
    联 系 人: 田经理 (经理) 
    手     机: 15054360220 
    网     址:http://www.ajpassman.com
    邮     箱:huosaiyanxin@163.com